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The Full Story

In 2013, Frank Ngwenya started God For The Nations, and later in 2014, Shane Perry joined by formally registering. In 2015, they went into the streets of South Africa to spread the Word of God. After a while, they needed a building to gather those who had been listening and wanted to join the church.  During  2016, God For The Nations had local members, as well as a growing global travelling ministry. Between 2017 and 2021, Frank was invited to speak in churches, seminars, and leadership and business conferences across the world. In addition, God For The Nations continues to host Pastors and Leadership Conferences all over the world. In 2022, God For The Nations registered as a ministry and non-profit in Calgary, Canada. And now in 2023, God For The Nations is working towards a new God For The Nations Production Studio, Worship & Revival Centre in Calgary, Canada. In addition, the facility will serve as the headquarters, while God For The Nations re-launch in Calgary and South Africa, with conferences and ministries. 

Throughout all of this, Frank Ngwenya, a husband and father, travelled on up to 20 international flights per year, as well as started and maintained a successful properties development and restaurant business, following God's will. And now Frank has written a book to shine a light on how biblical principles helped him through the last 10+ years.

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